Evander Kane Speaks Out On Racism in Hockey

By 965koit on August 30, 2019

San Jose Sharks left wing, Evander Kane, was told to “stick to basketball” in one of his latest Instagram posts.

Kane posted a picture of himself on the ice with the caption “where it’s all gonna start this season.” He seemed to be excited about the upcoming season following the caption with “#35days.”


In the comments section, he found the below comment which has since been deleted.

Kane used the opportunity to talk about what he deals with on a daily basis. Kane explains “This exact thing was shouted at me in the penalty box in Denver during game 4. It’s racially motivated, IT IS a problem in society and in SPORTS.”

This isn’t the first time Kane has spoken out about racism in hockey. “I think a good portion of it is because I’m black and I’m not afraid to say that,” he told the Hockey News in 2013.

He also told the San Jose Mercury News about advice his father gave him when he experienced racism in youth hockey leagues. “At the end of the day that will just make you mentally tougher.”

We love you Evander and can’t wait to see you on the ice October 2nd!

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