Family Camps Outside An Animal Shelter For 27 Hours To Adopt A Dog

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 19, 2020
Black and white dog on white sheet

This one dog with a heart-shaped marking on her chest now has a forever home thanks to social media. 

A picture of a Border Collie was posted on Facebook and it was shared more than 27,000 times.

Hundreds of responses were received, but one family when out of their way to make sure they were at the top of the list. It was 27 hours before the adoption could even take place, this family started waiting outside the shelter.

The shelter’s website says that stray animals have to be kept for a least five days after arriving prior to being adopted. Adoptions are also first-come, first-served. So they waited for 27 hours and gave this adorable dog a loving forever home!

Would you wait outside a shelter for 27 hours for a loving shelter pet?!


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