Fan at The Pelicans Game is Tony Roberts from KOIT sister station KBLX.

By on January 29, 2018

We see the basketball pros warming up all the time on the court before a game wishing we could be out there on the court too shooting a few baskets.  Recently, a video went viral of a fan at a Pelicans game that was dressed in a Pelicans warm up suit with the hood covering his face as part of his disguise.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was Tony Roberts from our sister station’s morning show at KBLX.  He is doing some “not so pro looking” warm up stretching that had to be joke!!  After that he actually gets a ball boy to give him a ball to warm up with the players.  HAHA!!!  He actually gets to shoot the ball once before a security guard escorts him back to his front row sideline seats while reprimanding him.  TOO FUNNY!  Here’s the video.  ENJOY!

Genius comedian disguised as Pelicans player sneaks on court, warms up with the team


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