The “Get What You Get” Tattoo Machine. Would You Do It?

By 965koit on August 30, 2018

I have 3 tattoos and each one of them has a special meaning to me. They were all well thought out and agonized over for months making sure each one was exactly what I wanted. This is the complete opposite of that. There is a gumball like machine inside of a tattoo shop in Louisiana that spits out random designs drawn by the staff there. For $40 you can get a ball and whatever is inside of it, you get tattoo’d on your body…forever! Would you do it?

There are some cool designs in there that the owner says would cost much more than $40 if you chose them, so you’re kind of getting a deal. Plus it’s a fun story to tell your friends! If you really don’t like what you got you can pay $10 and try again. But the whole fun of it is that you are stuck with your first choice right?

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