Getting To Know Morris Knight

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 8, 2020

Hey what’s up! Morris Knight here and I just wanted to catch up with you and let you know what I’v been up to lately! It’s pretty crazy how 2020 has kicked off for all of us but even before the whole COVID-19 thing happened, my own world was rocked as the radio company I had been with for over 20 years decided it was time to part ways. Holy cow!!! Didn’t see that coming at all. Happy new year, right? So knowing that I wanted to stay in the Bay Area, it was important for me to keep my irons in the fire and prepare for the next radio chapter in my life. Thank goodness, that new chapter is beginning in a major way: I am thrilled to tell you that now I can be heard on the radio with an amazing company! Check me out weekends on not one but two AWESOME Bay Area radio stations: 96.5 KOIT (Today’s Hits & Yesterday’s Favorites), Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 3pm and also on 98.5 KFOX (The South Bay’s Classic Rock) Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm – 9pm! It’s an amazing time in my career – starting all over again and everything looking so bright even in the midst of this whole coronavirus thing!

I’ve also been keeping busy with other things in addition to getting my radio groove back. While you can still see me on TV hosting KOFY-TV Dance Party every Sunday evening, I remain active in the Bay Area music community via Every week we promo, highlight, interview and discuss various bands from right here in the Bay Area – some legendary and some brand new! In addition to that, I continue to keep my music collaborations happening with all the shelter-in-place going on by way of Zoom, TeamsMeetings, and Facetime. So much fun! But most of all, being back on the radio connecting with you is just so awesome! Can’t wait to talk to you again this weekend on 96.5 KOIT 10am-3pm and on 98.5 KFOX 98.5! 

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