Golden Gate Park is getting a giant Ferris wheel

By 965koit on December 13, 2019

Giant Ferris wheels are popping up all over the country and the next one is coming to San Francisco. In April, Golden Gate Park will open a 150 foot tall Ferris wheel in honor of the parks 150th anniversary. Not one of the lame ones you see in the movies either, this will have fully enclosed gondolas.

Each gondola will hold 6 people and the ride will take about 12 minutes. The rides will be free on April 4th, which is the official anniversary day, after that they will go up to $18 per person.

They are building it in the outdoor plaza at the parks Music Concourse, which is near the De Young Museum. Which will give you some amazing views of the beach and of the city.

It’s all part of the many things planned for the park this year. After the year is over though, they will take the wheel down. So if this sounds like something you want to do, make sure you don’t wait too long to go.


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