Golden Pheasant is available for adoption

By Hope Bidegainberry on April 20, 2021

An adult male Golden Pheasant found as a stray in San Mateo, CA is now available for adoption at the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS/SPCA).  He was reported by a Good Samaritan who noticed him injured and unable to fly in her front yard. PHS/SPCA rescue staff safely netted the bird and brought him to their shelter on April 13, 2021.

“A Golden Pheasant is an extremely rare animal for our shelter, and it’s actually quite exciting to have such a beautiful bird available for adoption,” said PHS/SPCA Communications Manager Buffy Martin Tarbox. “His name, Lord Pheatherington, is inspired by the popular show Bridgerton. He’s certainly good looking enough to be a main character on the series.”

As an open admission shelter, PHS/SPCA accepts all kinds of animals, including fowl, although this the first Golden Pheasant staff at PHS/SPCA can recall being made available for adoption at their shelter.

“When Lord Pheatherington arrived at our shelter he was missing most of his tail feathers and several of his primary wing feathers were broken, rendering him unable to fly,” according to Tarbox. “Based on his injuries, we believe he may have been attacked by another animal but escaped. He’s a very lucky pheasant.”

No one came forward to claim the bird, so PHS/SPCA have made him available for adoption. His exact age is unknown, but Lord Pheatherington is a male adult Golden Pheasant. His feathers will grow back in a few weeks’ time.

“Lord Pheatherington is quite social and has especially enjoyed the company of some female chickens he’s been temporary housed with at our shelter,” said Tarbox. “His ideal new home would include an outdoor predator proof, fully covered enclosure and another Golden Pheasant flock, or even a group of female chickens. We are committed to securing him in a home where he will be kept as a pet, not a source of food.”

People interested in meeting Lord Pheatherington can call PHS/SPCA at 650-340-7022.  His adoption fee is $20.00.

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