Goodbye Bay Area

By 965koit on January 3, 2020

Today is our last day at 96.5 KOIT and in the Bay Area.

Exactly three years ago, on January 3rd, 2017 we started on the air doing mornings for the station. It’s been an amazing journey and we are so thankful that we got to spend time with you and all the wonderful organizations we got to partner with.

If you missed our blog about why we are leaving, you can check it out here.

Ultimately, the Bay Area just got too expensive for us. We decided to move while Lilly was little so we didn’t have to pull her away from a home she was used to later in life.

But this isn’t goodbye! It’s just an I’ll see you later.

You can find us on our Instagram HERE. You can also follow us on our Facebook page HERE.

While you are following people, don’t forget about the lovely people we leave behind like, Teri, Freska, and Sue. Soon enough there will be someone new in the mornings, who I guarantee will be fabulous. Change is hard for everyone, I know it’s hard for us, but please give the new person/persons a shot. They will do something different from us, and that’s okay! If they do the same stuff as us, that’s okay with us too!

Regardless of who replaces us, 96.5 KOIT is your one-stop-shop for CASH and Disneyland tickets. Don’t forget to sign up for the Employee of the Day cash contest here, because the winning starts on Monday.

We’ve met some incredible people here in the Bay Area who not only embraced us but also our daughter. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have the best job in the world and had a chance to do it in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Remember to be excellent to each other, and party on dudes.


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