Google pays tribute to “Friends”

By 965koit on September 25, 2019

It’s officially the 25th anniversary of NBC’s “Friends.” Can you believe that? It definitely doesn’t feel that way.

Well Google decided to pay tribute to one of America’s favorite TV shows with some Easter eggs.

Do yourself a favor and search for “Ross Geller.”  You’ll see a familiar couch next to his name. Tapping on the couch will trigger Ross’s famous “Pivot!” line while the screen literally pivots.

There’s an Easter egg dedicated to each of the main characters, but hands down my favorite is Ross’.

Phoebe Buffay: Returns a guitar icon. Tap on the guitar to trigger the “Smelly Cat” song.

Chandler Bing: Returns an icon of a reclining chair. Tap on it to trigger his pet duck and baby chick.

Rachel Green: Returns an icon of her hairstyle. Tap on it to trigger a Google image search for “The Rachel.”

Monica Geller: Returns a bucket of cleaning solution. Tap on it to see a sponge cleaning the screen.

Joey Tribbiani: Returns a pizza slice icon. Tap on it to hear Joey utter his famous line about not sharing food.


Go out and entertain yourself with these and tell all your friends. I was definitely amused with them. They also seem to be permanent just like the Thanos one from earlier this year.


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