Happy Facts About Animals

By Hope Bidegainberry on October 25, 2019

Take a look at the list below of cute, uplifting, and happy facts about animals!

Some fish can recognize their owner’s face.

There are little tiny harvest mice that sometimes sleep inside tulips

Giant Pandas are no longer an endangered species, and tiger populations are on the rise.

There’s an abandoned minefield that has created a penguin sanctuary. 

Your dog probably dreams about you.

When a baby elephant is born, other mothers in the social group will trumpet to celebrate or announce the baby’s arrival.

Dolphin mothers sing to their babies while they’re in the womb.

Cows have “best friends” and are happier when they’re with them.

Your dog actually loves you, not just because you give them food and walks.

When dogs appear in movies and TV, sometimes they have to have CGI tails because they wag too much during the scene.

Dogs can tell when you’re due to come home by how much of your scent is remaining in the house.

Bees make a “whoop!” sound when they bump into each other or are startled.

Chinchilla fur is so dense that it’s very bad for them to get wet. So instead of bathing in water, they bathe in dust.

Goats and cows have accents.

Hundreds of trees, if not more, become seedlings every year because of squirrels who forgot where they buried their food.

Baby elephants can’t control their trunks yet.

Penguins are ticklish.


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