Here’s The New Nike Ad That’s Giving Everyone Chills

By 965koit on July 8, 2019

You’ve probably heard by now that the US team won the Women’s World Cup championship. They beat the Netherlands on Sunday 2-0, and that gives them their fourth championship title. In response to their win, Nike released an ad hours later highlighting the women and some of the challenges that the team has got us talking about.

Over a billion people watched the Women’s World Cup this year, but FIFA still only pays the team $30 million for winning, compared to the $440 million the men will take home for the championship.

This has opened a discussion about the gender pay gap in the country. In fact, after the team won, the stadium started chanting, “equal pay” until it was deafening.

But do the women bring in as much money as the men? Actually, they bring in more. According to the Wall Street Journal, women’s soccer games generated $50.8 million in revenue compared to the $49.9 million the men brought in.
Take a look at the commercial everyone is talking about.

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