Holiday tipping guide

By 965koit on November 18, 2019

Not only are you stressing over what gifts you are getting for your friends and family, but now you have to figure out who to tip. We are about a month away from the big day, and there are only so many paychecks left. It is time to start setting cash tips aside for the people that make your life easier.

So who should you tip and how much should it be? Is there someone you should buy a gift for instead of cash? I am going to try and answer all these questions for you!

The people you should give a cash tip:

Newspaper Delivery Person – The average is about $10

Daycare Staff – $35-$70 per person that watches your kid.

Coffee barista – For that person who makes your coffee every morning $25

Hairstylist/Manicurist – They say the cost of one session is fair.

Maintenance Person – If you live in a complex then $25 is a good gift.

Buy a Gift For:

Mail Carrier – I do not think they can accept cash, so a small gift worth about $25 would be great.

Boss – A small token of appreciation is fine, nothing too expensive or crazy. You can even ask your co-workers to chip in and buy a gift card.

Teacher – Do not spend more than $25 but consider a gift card, or even have your kid make something for them. Depending on the grade level. It might be weird if your 11th grader makes them a macaroni picture frame.

Dog walker – A small gift or a weeks worth of pay is acceptable.

Pharmacist/Doctor – If you have a good relationship with them, a little gift would be fine. I do not think they can accept cash.

Everyone likes getting a little something during the holidays. Even if it is just a candy cane and a thank you note. Put a smile on all the faces in your life!

Here is a good tip for you if you plan on traveling this holiday season. Avoid these if you can!

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