How Did You Customize Your Wedding Day?

By 965koit on September 5, 2019

To earn a little extra money on the side, I’ll DJ an occasional wedding or two on my days off. A lot of people choose to be married in the Spring and the Fall and now that September is here, it’s my wedding season. Also, with my 4 year wedding anniversary around the corner, I started thinking about the non traditional things that we did for our big day. One of them was doing away with the cake and bringing in an ice cream bar. Instead of cutting the cake we sprinkled each others ice cream sundaes. It was delicious.

There are also the subtle things that are done that only a few people know about. Kristen had her shoes customized with Tinkerbell (her favorite) and Superman (my favorite). If you look closely at some of the pictures of me, you can see my cuff links were little Superman symbols. I feel like everyone has that little personal touch that they add to their wedding.

Some of the weddings that I have done have had really creative things that made it really unique. One of the big ones that stands out for me is the Heavy Metal Wedding that I was the DJ for. The cake had fake bats and blood on it, everything was studded and had skulls. It seemed really odd for a wedding them but it was super personal to the couple because they were Metal.  I love it when I’m part of a wedding and I feel like I get to know the couple based on their decisions.

What is something subtle or big that you did with your wedding that was uniquely you?

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