How safe is your real Christmas tree?

By 965koit on December 11, 2019

Mostly because it is easier, we have a fake tree that we use every year for Christmas. I would love to have a real tree like I did when I was a kid! Nothing smells as good as a fresh tree in the front room. Although, as I get older I realize that real trees are pretty terrible. They can have bugs in them and they have to be watered constantly. I’m much too lazy to take care of a tree for 2 months and then throw it in the trash. Plus, there is the going and picking it and the hauling it home thing, ugh.

But if you have a real tree in the house because you’re not lazy, make sure to be safe. Water that fire hazard! If you don’t think that it’s important to water your tree, you might want to watch the video I’ve attached below. You’ll change your mind.

Other rules to follow are:

  1. Make sure your tree is away from a heat source like furnace or heater.
  2. Check the wires on the lights to make sure none are frayed
  3. Don’t plug to many things into one socket
  4. Turn the lights off before you go to bed.
  5. Once the needles start to fall off in bulk, get rid of the tree. Even if you have been watering it.


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