How to Inspire a Love of Reading

By 965koit on September 6, 2017

It’s National Read a Book Day!

I love to read. It’s something I have done since I was a kid. In fact, when I would get in trouble I was forced to come out of my room, put my book down and watch TV with the family. 

Reading is such a big part of me that I started to wonder if I could tell a story as well as some of my favorite authors. Now, as a writer myself, I love hearing stories from authors on how they got to where they are. That’s the reason I created the About the Author podcast.

It’s a podcast for people who love to write or read. I talk to authors about how they got started, some of the challenges they face and how they get inspired to continue writing. 

Give it a listen here.

If you like it, please subscribe and tell any bookish friends about it. 

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