How to save $3 on your next SFO pick up ride Uber/Lyft

By 965koit on March 1, 2019
The San Francisco International airport or SFO at dusk

Here’s a little secret to save money when using Lyft or Uber at SFO.  Skip the curbside pick ups at SFO.  Instead choose to be picked-up at the airport’s designated rideshare pick-up zone located on the top level of the domestic garage will save $3 off their total fare.

The discount applies to UberX and Lyft rides — that’s the option where rideshare users get a car all to themselves and not carpool with others.

You will see the garage pick-up option on the Uber or Lyft apps in order to take advantage of the new discount and the less-congested airport pick-up spot.To get to the top deck, you’ll take an elevator or escalator up from the ticketing level, then walk on a bridge over terminal roadways to the central parking deck.



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