I Hate Smart Diapers & Here’s Why

By 965koit on July 23, 2019

I don’t know how I feel about this.

Pampers just announced that they are coming out with “smart diapers”. There will sensors attached to the diapers that will sense wetness. The senors connect with a Wi-Fi baby monitor and an app.

So you can be sitting in front of the TV and see if your little one needs a change while they nap.

This is a first in diaper technology.

Here is why I hate this idea:

  1. It’s pointless: If you want to know if your baby’s diaper is wet JUST CHECK IT! Pampers already makes diapers with the yellow line down the center that turns blue if it’s wet. Just a quick check and it’s done with. You don’t need to download an app for this.
  2. Could be dangerous: This is the wild west when it comes to wearable sensors. We have no idea what the impacts of this will be in ten years. I would rather take my chances with a regular diaper.
  3. More waste: I’m not sure if EACH diaper comes with a sensor (I really hope not) but we don’t need more plastic to be putting in the landfills.
  4. Less engagement: When I check Lilly’s diaper, whether it’s wet or not, I interact with her. I talk and make funny faces with her and try to get her to giggle. Why would I give that up?

How do you feel about this?


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