I probably should have stayed home

By 965koit on November 4, 2019

As I sit here on my shared work computer I can’t help to think, “should I have come to work today?” Personally, I’m not sick. But everyone else in my house is, which means I probably will be soon. Does that mean that by coming to work, I’m spreading their disease to my co-workers? Yeah probably.

Obviously, no one can take off work because they think they might get sick soon. My only option was to come to work and shake hands with EVERYONE! Just kidding. I’m being very conscious of the things I’m touching and telling others not to hang out with me. Kristen is down for the count and baby Lilly seems to be recovering but isn’t 100% just yet. I’m hoping that my body can fight the good fight because I see how miserable they have been.

If you’re wondering how to stop the spread of the common cold, I googled a bit and found out some fun facts. Are you ready?!

FUN FACT #1 – Colds are spread mostly through surfaces and hands. I sneeze on my hand, then grab the mouse on the shared computer. The next person grabs that same mouse, then picks their nose. BAM! INFECTED. Same with shaking peoples hands, I sneeze in my hand and then say hello to you. Then you pick your lunch out of your teeth and BAM. INFECTED!

FAN FACT #2 – The cold virus hands out in your snot. So where ever your snot goes, so goes the virus. Don’t wipe your snot on people or surfaces.


FUN FACT #3 – You can get it if someone sneezes or coughs in your face. Again, it’s chillin’ in your boogers and when you sneeze your boogers go everywhere. BAM. INFECTED!

FUN FACT #4 – Washing your hands can stop the spread. Good ol’ soap and water. It doesn’t kill the cold but it is successful in removing it from your booger infected hands.

The take away from all of this? Wash your hands, keep your snot to yourself and wipe down everything you touch. Also, don’t shake peoples hands or sneeze your boogers into their face.

You’re welcome! *ACHOO!* oops. *sniff* sorry.

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