I was amazed by the Champions of Magic

By 965koit on November 26, 2019

I have always loved magic! Growing up I would go to magic shops and buy packs of trick cards and practice in my room. In fact, I have a magic book somewhere in the garage that I checked out of my elementary school library. One day I will return it, but probably not. Who wants to pay those fees?!

When the Champions of Magic reached out to me to see if they could stop by I immediately said yes. Kayla and Alex are 2 of the 5 magicians that perform during the show at Golden Gate Theater. They came into the studio to show me a little bit of what they do and to talk to me about the show. You can listen to find out more about what to expect at the show and then you can watch the video of them performing a trick with me.

Kayla does very close up magic during the show. She will go into the crowd and bring people on stage and do things right in front of your eyes. Alex is the mentalist that will pull your deepest darkest secrets from your mind. Which for me is not all that deep or dark.

The show runs through Thanksgiving weekend, with 2 shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can get tickets at Broadwaysf.com



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