Ice Cream That Helps You Sleep

By 965koit on February 11, 2019
Top view photo of young woman sleeping in an embrace with a large soft ice cream toy and dreaming of sweets. Woman with brown hair

Do you have trouble sleeping AND also love to eat ice cream before bed? You are in luck! There is now a special ice cream that is supposed to help you sleep. Fun fact: Eating regular ice cream before bed is actually really bad for sleep because of the sugar and some times caffeine. Which is probably why I’m awake in bed for 3 hours staring at the ceiling wondering why I can’t sleep. But I’m not ready to give up my night time ice cream treat.

Enter a company called Nightfood. Nightfoods’ ice cream is made to help you sleep better by adding in more protein and enzymes that assist in falling asleep. Another great thing about it is the calorie count with the average calories being 320 a pint. Which is WAY less than the stuff I eat at night.

You can’t buy them in any grocery stores right now but you can get it from their website right now!

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