If this is at your party, I’m coming over!

By 965koit on September 23, 2019
hand of a man closing the lid of a toilet

Over the weekend I drove down to Paso Robles to DJ a wedding for a friend. The love story was heartwarming, the food was amazing and the music was on point (humble brag). There were many things that the bride and groom will remember forever about this magical night, but there is only one I’ll remember. The portable bathroom. That’s right, the bathroom on wheels was the most incredible thing at this romantic occasion.

After setting up my equipment I journeyed to the trailer that held the pair of bathrooms. Upon opening the door I was transported to a world of luxury and elegance. The music played overhead as I climbed the three sturdy stairs to the sparkling clean pair of urinals. As I entered I was hit with a wave of cool air from the built in AC. The private stalls, with doors all the way to the floor, were inviting so I took a quick glance inside. These weren’t cramped toilets in a box, there was enough space to fit another chair in there.

After I finished my business I washed my hands in the modern touch faucet sink, fixed my hair and left. It was the nicest portable potty I had ever experienced, in many ways it was better than my own private bathroom at home. I looked back over my shoulder as I walked away and vowed to drink as much water as I could that night. I wasn’t going to let this night end without one more visit to my new happiest place on Earth.



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