Is This Waiter A Jerk?

By 965koit on July 26, 2019
Close-up on a woman working at a restaurant as a waitress and holding a notepad

There’s a story on Reddit going viral right now and it’s definitely interesting.

A waiter heard a table of women talking, and one of them said she was “14 weeks along” so naturally he believed the woman was pregnant, but he never actually confirmed this with her. All the women ordered alcoholic drinks and the waiter had the bartender make that woman’s drinks virgin.

One thing that throws me off is the woman didn’t realize they were virgin until they got the bill (I mean you can usually taste the difference). The bartender outed the waiter by ringing the drinks in as non-alcoholic. The woman complained to the manager, who ended up suspending the waiter because the restaurant could get in serious trouble for discrimination.

So now the waiter is wondering if it was wrong of him to do this. What do you think?


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