It’s official, I bought my first fake Christmas tree and it feels good ~

By 965koit on November 25, 2019

I grew up with a real Christmas tree and I have been a real tree snob my whole life. We used to trek in the snow and cut our own tree down when I was a little girl. The fresh pine smell made the room feel like an old fashioned Christmas.The past few years, I did not look forward to the lots as much. I always feel a bit sad seeing those bare dead Christmas trees rolling around the neighborhood. Here in San Francisco they put those trees to good use and create mulch for gardens. But for some reason, I’ve been longing to divorce myself from the tradition of a real tree. Well, I finally did it. This past weekend I went and purchased a fake tree. And I love it! It took all of about 5 minutes to put up and there was no struggle with lights because they are already on the tree. All the lights are energy efficient LED lights. There are some bare spots, but that’s where I hang my favorite ornaments. I have fond memories of cutting those trees down when I was a child, but it feels good to decide not to cut down a tree for my home. If you’re a real tree person, no judgement on my end, I totally get it. It’s just sometimes it’s nice to create new traditions too. Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends.

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