It’s that time of year again

By 965koit on October 31, 2019
Shot of a young woman sleeping with a mask on in bed

It’s Daylight Saving Time!

That means that you will have to move your clocks one hour back on Sunday morning, November 3rd at 2 am.

Or you can be like me and not even notice because my phone does it for me. I only ever realize that Daylight Saving has happened when I look at the clock on my stove.

It also means that I will be going on my biannual car manual scavenger hunt. Ultimately I will lose this game of one and end up YouTubing how to change the clock in my car. This information is promptly forgotten until next year’s scavenger hunt.

Do we all have to reset our clocks?

Do you know who won’t be setting any clocks back? The people who live in Arizona. Most of the state does not use Daylight Saving time, so they will not be springing forward or falling back with the rest of us.

What’s the point of Daylight Saving?

The reason that we even have it is that it’s so we make better use of the sunlight. Used mostly for farmers, we change our clocks so we better understand how much daylight we will have before the sunsets.
Would you like to keep Daylight Saving time or do you think we should get rid of it? Let me know in the Facebook comments.
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