I’ve already ruined Christmas

By 965koit on December 4, 2019

The other night I reached over to Kristen in bed to show her a picture on my phone. Once she saw what it was, she burst into tears. Obviously, I was confused because the picture was of a Star Wars kyber crystal. Sure, it’s the main power source inside Lightsabers, but it’s definitely not something I would expect Kristen to cry over. So why did she cry? Because I accidentally bought myself something that she had already bought me for Christmas.

Every Christmas we buy each other mostly small gifts and one really big/expensive gift. All year long I have been talking about these 2 specific Kyber crystals that I wanted from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. When we went in June, they were sold out of these rare colors. So every time I saw that a friend of mine was going to Disneyland I asked them to check and see if they had these crystals. For the last 5 months no one has found them, and honestly I thought that they forgot about me asking. Which is fine, I don’t expect people to remember me while they are on vacation.

Apparently, Kristen had been intercepting all of my friends who said they were going to get me the crystals. That’s why none of them ever got back to me. She would message them after me and tell them not to buy the crystals for me because she had already purchased them. Kristen grew up in Southern California so she has a lot of friends with annual Disneyland passes. She asked her friends to check every time they went for these special crystals I wanted, and they found them MONTHS ago. They have been under our bed since July waiting for Christmas morning.

I reached out to a friend of mine the other day and she didn’t see the message. My friend was able to find them and he sent me a picture of the crystals that he bought for me, so I showed Kristen and that’s when the tears came.

This is why you never buy yourself anything after October. You never know who has been working on your special gift. Now I have no big present on Christmas day, which is fine because I did this to myself. I should have known not to buy them! Of course she was going to get them, it was basically all I wanted for Christmas. UGH!

As a compromise, I’ve decided to wrap them myself and put them under the tree. Kristen has told me not too because the surprise is ruined but it’s what I deserve for being dumb. Maybe she’ll let me have them for my birthday on the 12th instead?


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