I’ve never seen a bird be so affectionate

By 965koit on November 11, 2019
Close-up portrait of teenager boy holding and kissing his green monk parakeet or quaker parrot in front of his face. Bird pet and his owner. Love and care, best friends.

Growing up my mom had a friend who owned 2 birds. One of them, a parrot, hated everyone including me. The other one was a love bird and it also didn’t like me. Because of this I’ve never really been a “bird person” even though I know they can be great pets. Apparently, I have some weird smell that makes birds angry and bite-y. That’s fine. I have three cats who love me. Actually, two cats that love me and another that is undecided after nearly 10 years.

As it turns out, birds don’t feel this way about everyone. Like this little girl and this parrot seem to be long lost soulmates. The affection that this bird is showing this little girl is adorable! It even closes it’s little eyes when it makes the kissing sound. The birds name is Mai Mai and it loves giving kisses to family!


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