I’ve Turned Into My Mother

By 965koit on July 15, 2019

I guess it was inevitable. I’ve turned into my mother.

Growing up, my mom always used to watch one of those television shopping channels. She would get the occasional thing once in a while, but life in our family would stop when Christmas in July came on.

It was a couple of days of Christmas home decor, food, and toys.

She would always get something for the house, and a treat for us to enjoy during the holidays.

I’ve never cared before this year, in fact, I don’t believe my mom even called me for it last year.

In past years I would put up a tree, but that was really it. Every year Nick would complain saying that our house didn’t look Christmasy, but it never seemed like a huge priority. This was the extent of my decorations.

Pretty pathetic, right?

Well, this year my mom called me out of the blue and said those magic words, “Christmas in July in on!” It’s like she knew that having Lilly would make me want to decorate and be festive.

There is something about having a kid that makes you want to really go out. Last year she was only a few weeks old, and I had just gotten out of the hospital, so we didn’t really celebrate.

But this year is going to be epic!

I bought an oversized decorative ornament, a snow globe, mini trees to put around the house, and a cookie jar that comes filled with brownies.

I want Lilly to grow up in a festive house that feels magical. Just look at that face and tell her there won’t be twinkly Christmas lights!

I thought so! We are going to do it up big this year, don’t worry little one. See? She already looks excited!

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