The Key To A Better Life Is Listening To Music At Home

By 965koit on July 10, 2018

Am I a little bias because I work for a radio station? Heck yes! The good news is that I’m not a scientist and had nothing to do with this hard scientific evidence.

According to a recent survey or what I like to call SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, the key to having a better life correlates with how much and how often you listen to music at home. In fact, 87% of people feel happier than they did before they started music at home.

Some more fun facts are that people who listen to music at home average about 3 more hours of family time. Half of people cook more often and 20% cook more with their spouse than they did before. Listening to music even makes chores seem easier.

So if you want to add a little happiness to your life then try listening to music at home.

(shameless plug time!)

It’s really easy to do, especially if you have an Amazon Echo or Dot or a smartphone! You can just tell Alexa to “listen to 96.5 KOIT” and BAM happiness (plus you can hear me and Kristen greet you which is my favorite part).

Or if you have a smartphone our app is free! I’m sure Siri or Google can open our app and play us as well.

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