Is Your Kid on Track to Make Lots of $$$?

By 965koit on September 12, 2018 just put out a list of the 5 college majors that lead to the biggest salaries. Some are expected and some are not. Does your kid’s interests fall into one of these?

#1 Actuarial Science. The average annual pay is $108,658 with a 2.3% unemployment rate. But what is it? Actuarial science is assesses risk for the insurance and finance industries by applying math and statistical models. If your kid loves numbers, they might be great at this!

#2 Zoology. With an average annual income of $111,889 and an unemployment rate of 1.4%, studying animal behavior could turn out to be lucrative. Got an animal lover at home? This might be the degree for your kid.

#3 Nuclear engineering. The average annual income is $108,591 and an average unemployment rate of 1.8%. They research ways to use radiation in medical research to find cures for illnesses.

#4 Health and medical preparatory program, which helps students become doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. The average annual income is an impressive $130,308 with an average annual income of 2.3%.

#5 Applied mathematic. Jobs in this field include finance, tech, medical, and business fields. The average annual income of $105,679 and has a reported average 2% unemployment rate.

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