Kitten Overjoyed To Find Other Kittens Just Like Her In Foster Care

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 24, 2020

When a two-day old kitten was found by herself in a field, rescuers immediately called a non-profit that specializes in rehabilitating newborn kittens.

This woman decided to foster the kitten. The woman gave the kitten, a bath, bottle, and placed her in an incubator to regulate her body temperature.

A couple days later, the kitten opened her eyes and instantly sought out affection. This kitten wasn’t the only feline bunking with this woman. She also happened to be fostering a litter of three kittens found in a parking lot. She thought this litter could keep the orphaned kitten company.

When they were introduced the lonely kitten started wriggling towards her new foster siblings and began cuddling. She cried if anyone removed her from the litter.

Now the kitten is blossoming into a social, friendly, and confident kitten.


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