Ladies what’s in your purse right now?

By on September 4, 2018

Here is what my purse USED to look like until my boyfriend helped regulate on me about all the crap I had in it because it was hurting my shoulder.  It looked even worse when my kids were little.  I had to keep a huge bag with snacks and toys and books and all of MY stuff so I didn’t have carry a bunch of different bags.  I got used to doing that so much that when my kids got older I was used to carrying a big bag.  Before I sized down you could find a bunch of things at the bottom of my bag:  crumbs, coins, paperclips, movie stubs, a wrapper or two because I told myself I would throw it away later instead of littering, notes to self on sticky notes that weren’t sticky anymore.  Aside from that madness I would have my make up bag, pens, planner, charger, wallet, phone and sometimes my laptop because it fit in there lol!!

Now, my purse is much smaller.  I carry only what I need.  TRUST ME I cram what ever I can in there but it limits my space of junk lol!!  Much more practical.   What do you have in your purse and is it kinda small or do you have the MOTHER SHIP size purse?


Below is a pic of the madness that USED TO BE IN MY PURSE after I took out my wallet and make up and stuff.  What do you see in there?? lol!  I even had a chip clip lol!!


Cool article that is pretty spot on about what is in your purse!

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