You Are Most Likely To Get A Ticket This Weekend!

By 965koit on August 31, 2018

No it’s not because of a holiday weekend. In fact, you are most likely to get a ticket this weekend because it’s the end of the month. As fas as I know, cops have always denied that they have quotas to fill when it comes to giving tickets but this could prove that they are lying. After a recent study they showed that cops give out the most tickets towards the end of the month. Coincidence? Possibly but probably not.

Out of an entire month the days where most tickets are given out are:

  1. 31st
  2. 30th
  3. 1st
  4. 28th
  5. 29th

If that’s a coincidence then I’m impressed. Even if it’s not true that they have to fill a quota, they seem to get real ticket-y around this time so just drive carefully and get as close to the speed limit as possible.

Happy driving!


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