Lilly needs a special Christmas stocking

By 965koit on November 8, 2019

When I was pregnant with Lilly, I bought one of those do-it-yourself stocking kits. It came with everything you needed to make a super fancy stocking.

I thought this would make an amazing first stocking for Lilly, especially since my mother made my stocking and I still use it today. It’s a wonderful reminder of the thought and effort she puts into every little thing, and it’s a great tradition to hold on to.

I want that for Lilly.

Until I took out all the pieces.

I can sew, but not at an expert level and this was definitely way beyond my skills. So at Target yesterday, Nick and I looked at the small selections of stockings and my heart sank. Nothing felt right and none of them looked like her. I wanted it to be special, and here I was just choosing something off the rack!

What do you do when you need opinions and suggestions? Head to the internet!

We asked this question on our Facebook page.

Facebook question (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

What did the people suggest?

  1. Make her a special handmade stocking

Facebook comment (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

Sounds lovely! But I still don’t have the talent to do that. So what do I do now?

2) Get a special one for me and let her pick next year

Facebook comment (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

3) It doesn’t matter, because I will buy tons

Facebook comment (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

All of these are great suggestions. Do you have any more? Let me know in the Facebook comments.

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