Lilly takes her first steps!

By 965koit on November 20, 2019

For the past week Kristen and I have been focusing on Lilly taking, pardon my pun, baby steps. We sit across from each other and guide her to one another while only holding one of her hands. She has been slowly gaining her confidence as the week progressed. So now we have started to let her go right before she gets to us.

Each time we did it, we let her go farther and farther away. Then we let her go almost right away and she took 3 steps before falling into Kristen’s arms. Success right?! She hasn’t stood up on her own and taken steps but these are clear steps she is taking. Her balance is only getting better and better and I have no doubt that she will stand and walk before Thanksgiving.

What do you think? Do we count these steps as her first or does she need to make them on her own? We are still new to this whole parenting thing so we have no idea what counts.

To see more of Lilly as she has grown, check out Kristen’s blog!

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