Lilly’s big day out

By 965koit on September 16, 2019

Lilly is now 10-months old, and I’m planning on throwing her a small party on her first birthday.

I’ve been getting excited planning the food, decoations, making her a little smash cake, and having people over to my house for the first time.

We live in the East Bay, and it’s a pain to get to for some people, but now people have a reason to come and see us!

I’ve been in full party-planning mode until I realized that this is for Lilly, not me, and she might not be ready.

Since Lilly was born premature, Nick and I have been careful to not expose her to a lot of people because we wanted to make sure her lungs and organs were healthy to handle colds or any other diseases. We haven’t even traveled with her because I want to make sure she is fully vaccinated before she goes into a dirty airport.

So because of that, she hasn’t spent a lot of time around a bunch of people and loud noises.

And here I am planning a party.

To help ease her into this new transition, I’ve been taking her out in public every weekend. It’s something I haven’t been doing a lot of, but now I’m taking her to the grocery store, coffee shop, loud parks full of kids, any place where she can get use to things happening around her.

This weekend we went to Target. I normally bring her stroller and push her in that, but this time I put her in the cart so she would be fully exposed to everyone.

Lilly in a cart. (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

She did pretty good, but she never really looked comfortable.

Is this a good way to get her exposed to people? Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the Facebook comments.

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