Living With Animals: New Year’s Resolutions

By Hope Bidegainberry on December 28, 2018
“Friendship of dog and cat- resting together, lying on sofa. White background.”

Let’s all get real with those New Year’s Resolutions, ok? I’m thinking a commitment to rigorous pre-dawn exercise plus giving up all carbs so I can drop 20 pounds since next summer’s swimsuit season is just around the corner after all. Plus sky-diving looks good. And rereading all of Shakespeare, because why not. Feel free to model your own Resolutions along similar lines but I do have a few additional suggestions (all on the theme of helping animals. Obviously.)

First, volunteer: The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA quite literally relies on the help of volunteers to help us save lives. For us the formula is 119 staff + 1,400 volunteers = 6,500 lives saved. Walking dogs, petting cats, feeding baby birds and squirrels, brightening the lives of patients with the love of an animal, helping our educators bring the humane message to classrooms, selling gently used tchotchkes in our Pick Of The Litter resale shop, assisting with events to raise funds and consciousness. You name it and volunteers are essential. You can go onto our website ( to get started. 

Second, adopt: While it’s obviously important to know your limits, if you do have room in your home (and heart and budget) I do hope you’ll consider visiting our Center For Compassion (1450 Rollins, Burlingame). We always have a few hundred fabulous best friends we’d like to introduce to you!

Third, donate: Most of PHS/SPCA’s support comes as small gifts, and it’s the total of those many small donations combined that allows us to do all that we do. If you can, a financial contribution of any size is always extremely welcome. Either that website or snail-mail address will work! (And just to clear the air on this: donations to ASPCA, Humane Society of the U.S., and other groups with national sounding names do not help the animals here in your community.)

And finally, love. Love the animals at home, love those around you. The Beatles were wrong since love is not all you need, but it certainly goes a very long way. Here’s wishing you and yours, two- and four-legged friends and family members alike, a wonderful New Year!

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