Local family gets Christmas song surprise

By 965koit on December 18, 2019

This is a super heartwarming story for us because it is about a special family.

We have great friends named Jennifer and Flavio. They’re a local family who a few years back adopted their adorable daughter, Adalynn.

A few weeks back, Jennifer’s father contacted us and told us that he has a special gift for them.

George is an accomplished musician who was walking through the Denver airport this year and he was thinking about how Christmas has become so special now that his granddaughter was in his life. It’s also special because Adalynn LOVES Christmas.

A song started to come to him and he wrote IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME on his cellphone. He made a call to his special Nashville musician friends and flew there to record it.

IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME, is now ready just in time to be presented to the family for Christmas. The song is written by George and sung by Marsha Hancock. The song is available anywhere that you buy your music.

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