We’re Mad About “Head Over Heels”

Kristen and I were invited to opening night of the new musical “Head Over Heels” featuring the music of the Go-Go’s. It is playing at the Curran from now until May 6th and there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

Going in we really didn’t know what to expect other than there was going to be some familiar music. By the intermission we were hooked! Not only were the singers/actors amazing but it was FUNNY too.

The main story is set in the Elizabethan era with Kings and Queens and such. The King meets with an oracle that gives him a prophecy that he doesn’t like because it ends with him not being King anymore. So he takes his whole family on a journey to another land but of course it doesn’t work. Along the way there is personal discovery, love triangles and some great musical moments.

The show is only going to be here for a limited before heading to BROADWAY. They wanted to bring it here first because it feels very San Francisco. After its run ends on May 6th its going to disappear and by the time it comes back it’s going to be IMPOSSIBLE to get tickets. See it before the whole country realizes how good it is.

Its a great show to bring a bunch of friends too or even a date night. We had a blast and we even got to meet one of the stars Taylor Iman Jones, who also happens to be a Bay area local.  She’s amazing.


Click HERE for tickets to Head Over Heels at the Curran.

WARNING: Do not take a picture of the stage before the show starts! It is the intellectual property of the show and the ushers will jump on you if they see you taking a photo.




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