I Made a Candle…and Here’s How It Turned Out

By 965koit on June 20, 2018

I’ve been needing a new hobby lately. I wanted something that was creative but kind of mindless because I’m creative at work and with my writing. I needed something relaxing, but useful.

So I decided to make my own candles.

I got a candle making kit off Amazon and it arrived yesterday, so I thought I would test my skills!

First, you need the wax

You also want to get your jars ready. Put a glue dot on the bottom of your wick and place in your candle jar. I used 4oz metal containers. Set those aside for later.

Then you need to boil water on the stove. When it’s nice and bubbly, put the wax in your pouring container. That goes right into the water, but do not put direct heat on it. It should look like this:

You want that wax to completely break down and turn to liquid. When the melted wax cools to 175 degrees, add the color in. I used a color chip, but some people use shaved crayons. I did hear that crayons don’t work great, so you have been warned!

When the melted wax cools to 145 degrees, then you can add in your scent. I did a Honeysuckle frangrence oil.

Next you want to add the liquid to your metal containers.

I wanted to make mine fancy, so I bought extra fine glitter to lay on the top.

Here is the finished product!

You want to keep the wick holder on for at least 4 hours, and you should let the candle completely dry for 24 hours before you light it.

Have fun making your own candles!

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