Man Who Ate Nothing But Dog Food for a Month

By Hope Bidegainberry on February 10, 2020
A purebred border collie is indoors eating food from his dog bowl. In this frame he is looking down at his meal while eating his dinner pieces of dog food spill over the edge onto the floor.

There is a business jargon term called dogfooding, which means companies actually use their own products to test them out and experience what they’re like.  Here’s a guy who took that term way, WAY too literally.

Mitch Felderhoff is the president of Muenster Milling Company in Muenster, Texas, which is a company that makes dog food.

And for an entire month, Mitch ONLY ate his company’s dog food.

Quote, “We’re not going to feed your dog something unless we’ve eaten it first.”  So . . . he did.

Of course, the entire thing was a viral stunt, which clearly worked, because we’re talking about it.  And Mitch posted a few YouTube videos during the 30 days.

So how did it go?  Quote, “That first four days was really tough . . . [but] not going to lie, I feel pretty fantastic . . . with the exception of really missing the flavor of normal food.”

He says he lost 25 to 30 pounds on the diet.

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