Mary Poppins Desserts Now Available in Disneyland

By 965koit on December 4, 2018

With the new Mary Poppins movie coming out, Disneyland released Mary Poppins desserts!

There is the Mary Poppins Chocolate Cake which is a chocolate cake with a cream center and finished with ganache, chocolate flakes, fondant flower, and a maraschino cherry.

The next dessert is a Mary Poppins Trifle which is layers of pound cake, mixed berries, raspberry jam, pastry cream, and vanilla bean Chantilly cream.

The best part about both desserts is that they are both served with a Souvenir Mary Poppins teaspoon!

You can find these two desserts at the Jolly Holiday Bakery.

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One of the highlights for me yesterday was getting to try the new Mary Poppins Desserts from Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe with Pax! They both come with the most adorable spoon to take home. Here’s some info about each dessert: Mary Poppins Chocolate Cake- Chocolate Cake with a Crème Center, finished with Ganache, Chocolate Flakes, Fondant Flower, and a Maraschino Cherry, served with a Souvenir Mary Poppins Spoon $13.99 Mary Poppins Trifle- layers of Pound Cake, Mixed Berries, Raspberry Jam, Pastry Cream, and Vanilla Bean Chantilly Cream, finished with Chocolate Flakes, served with a Souvenir Mary Poppins Spoon $12.99 #holidaysbeginhere . . . #disneychristmas #disneylandchristmas #Christmastime #christmas #christmasatdisney #christmasdisney #disneylandchristmas #gibsongirl #mainstreetusa #disneymom #disneymoms #disneysmmc #disneyhungrychristmas #disneyeats #disneyfood #disneysnacks #disneylife #disneyobsessed #disneyholidays #disneylandholidays

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