Millennials Are Responsible For Killing This American Classic!

By 965koit on October 11, 2018

Everything is being blamed on the millennials of the world! But let’s be honest, the future is looking pretty bright thanks to them and the way they are changing society for the better. Sure, they may not have been spanked growing up but they have also helped drive us to eating more healthy and fresh food. In fact, most millennials are growing their own food now! Sure, it’s at their moms house because they can’t afford to move out but it’s still pretty awesome.

Thanks to millennials cutting back on eating processed foods the sales for sliced american cheese has gone done consistently for the last 4 years. Even fast food restaurants have stopped using it, Wendy’s uses Asiago cheese and McDonalds has a different version that isn’t processed.

Not only is it going away because of the fact that is the MOST processed cheese there is and millennials want fresh stuff, but they also want more variety and much fancier cheeses now. So not everything the millennials so is bad, in fact most of it is good for everyone.


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