Mom And Son Pair That Have Been In A Shelter For 8 Months Are Looking For A Home

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 13, 2020
german shepherd mother dog playing with puppy on wooden floor

One adorable dog, a 10-year old rescued dog wants a forever home for her and her 4-year-old pup. Sadly, when their previous owners faced financial difficulties, they could no longer provide for the mother and son.

These two have spent 8 months in the shelter, waiting for someone. Their luck quickly turned around when a Washington D.C. based non-profit, Homeward Trails, picked them up and placed them with a foster family.

The shelter is trying to help the pair find a forever home.

The two need to be re-homed together because they cannot stand to be apart. They are incredibly close and they have spent most of their time together. They spend the majority of their days cuddling or napping beside one another.

Homeward Trails is very hopeful to find these two a new forever home.

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