MUST WATCH: Dad Saves 2 Kids From Oncoming Sledder

By 965koit on March 26, 2019
Digital Ilustration of a superhero silhouette in heroic pose.

You’ve probably heard or Arnold Schwarzenegger or perhaps Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson but have you ever heard of this guy? I actually don’t know this guys name but he deserves to be on the same list as Arnold and Mr. Rock after what he does in this video.

In possibly the most epic real life save I’ve ever seen in my adult life this man, no LEGEND, grabs one toddler in his arms as he sees the approaching doom of the downhill sledder. When the second child stumbles to the ground he has no choice but to hoist him up into the air by the back of his jacket. Then with almost super human strength and reflexes he leaps into the air just barely avoiding the out of control vehicles destruction.

Get this man a medal because he is my hero.


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