New App Allows Teens To Earn Money Helping Neighbors

By 965koit on May 3, 2019

Are your teenagers constantly asking you for money? Is your response something like “back in my day I had a paper route!’ or “When I was your age I baby sat for my neighbors!” If you want your teen to get out and earn a little extra money there is a new app for that. TeenJobFind is an app that is geared towards teens who have a hectic schedule or maybe aren’t old enough to get an actual job. The app was created by a Palo Alto mom when her kids started asking her for money so they could buy the latest gadget.

TeenJobFind allows teens to earn money doing odd jobs for people in their community. Picking up leaves, walking the dog, yard work or even tech help. They can check the app how ever often they want, and pick up an odd job for some extra money. Plus it’s safe for your teen because every person who hires your kid has to submit to a 7 year criminal check.

Right now it’s only for users from Sunnyvale and Belmont but she is hoping to expand in the near future. Would you trust your teenager to use this app? Why or why not?

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