The New Popular Hot Dog Topping Is…Peanut Butter?

By 965koit on February 12, 2018

You read that right! Peanut butter is sweeping the hot dog nation and it’s probably going to be coming to a hot dog vendor near you. The first reaction most people give is “EW!” because it sounds pretty gross. But the world is saying “Give it a chance!” because the 2 flavors are apparently made for each other. I haven’t tried it but I’m definitely curious about what it tastes like.

If you don’t believe the internet that this match up is true love then maybe you need a better source. Well “Food & Wine” magazine gave it a taste and even they say its pretty good.

It doesn’t specify but I imagine that JUST peanut butter is how you eat it. I highly doubt that ketchup and mustard can be thrown into the mix. It’s either one way or the other right?

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