New Roller Coaster Hits 155MPH

By 965koit on August 28, 2019

A brand new roller coaster set to open in 2023 will be the tallest, longest and fastest on the planet. A brand new Six Flags park will be opening in Saudi Arabia and will feature several new and exciting rides. But the one that looks the most insane is called The Falcon’s Flight and it reaches speeds up to 155mph. Below is a video taking you on a virtual demonstration of the ride and the drops will make your stomach turn.

The roller coaster goes up the side of a mountain and then drops down into a cave. Then immediately goes into another drop that looks just as high. It doesn’t show the end of the ride but they are saying that it will have loops and winding tracks through canyons.

There are 28 other rides planned for the park that will be opening in 2023. If you’re a big fan of roller coasters then you are going to want to start saving your pennies. If not, then enjoy the virtual coaster safely from your seat.


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