New Study Finds Treatment To Reduce Peanut Allergies

By 965koit on December 3, 2018
A new study out of the New England Journal of Medicine may have a solution for those adults and kids who suffer from peanut allergies.

They’ve been gradually giving people a peanut powder-filled capsule in hopes of slowly exposing them to the allergy and reducing the severity of the reaction.

551 participants between the ages of four and 55 with a peanut allergy took part in this study across 10 countries. They gave three-quarters of the participants an increasing dosage, while the others were given a placebo.

11% of the participants had to drop out due to side effects.

Trying to curb the allergy when kids are young would be smart since they’re immune systems are still growing, but at the same time, their tolerance isn’t as strong as an adult.

Surprisingly, during an exiting challenge, some kids were able to successfully reduce the allergy. Two-thirds were able to eat the equivalence of two peanuts without issues and half of those tolerated twice as much!

Only 10% of participants needing an epi-pen when they left, while the other 53% that took placebos needed it during the exit challenge. With results like these, it sounds like they’re on their way to possibly having a solution for peanut allergies.

All experimental treatment was one under doctor’s supervision.

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