Nick is stealing my face cream

By 965koit on November 19, 2019

It is no secret that I love to mess around with face masks, creams, lotions, tonics, and beauty potions.

In fact, one of Lilly s earliest memories might be me looking like this.

Kristen in a face mask. (Photo Credit: Nick Steele)

I’m the kind of person who tries everything until I find something that I like.

Recently, I got turned on to Josie Maran products.

They have been working really well on my face. Especially because my skin gets dry in the winter, and her stuff is super moisturizing.

I mentioned this to Nick.

It was the biggest mistake of my life.

It started simple enough. He asked if he could borrow a little one night. I said sure and showed him how much he needed. I explained that a little went a long way. He nodded as if he understood.

He did not understand.

The next night I walked in on him as he was putting it on his face. He has slathered tons all over his face. I gave him a disappointed look and told him that he didn’t need to use so much and that he should not use my cream without my supervision anymore.

Was I being too harsh? Shouldn’t I encourage his good grooming habits?

NO! My stuff is expensive. He should get his own stuff.

The next night I went to wash my face when I noticed a huge finger-sized hole in my cream. He was using my products unsupervised again.

He’s now banned from my things. 

Does anyone in your house do this? I went to Facebook to find out.

The answers were eye-opening!

I’m obviously not the only one going through this!

Does anyone in your house steal your beauty products? Let me know in the Facebook comments?

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