We Are Now Segway Masters

By 965koit on February 5, 2018

Some things just come naturally to people. Like when Joe Montana picked up a football, he must have known that he was going to be one of the greatest people to hold that ball. Thats the feeling I got when I first stepped onto the Segway to take a tour of Golden Gate Park. If this were a movie, the light from the heavens would have shined down upon me and my electronic steed and the sound of harps would be heard. After a minute of being on the segway it was like the two of us were united telepathically. When I wanted to go forwards its almost as if I commanded it through the power of thought.

Kristen and I took a 2 hour tour of the east side of Golden Gate park on a Segway over the weekend. It’s fun to get out there and play tourist every now and then. We had never ridden a Segway before and although we looked like total dorks, we had a blast. Our tour guide was fun and informative and we got to take it off road a bit.

The inside of the park is beautiful and I never would have seen some of the cool things we got to see in the span of 2 hours. In fact a lot of them I didn’t even know existed until we stopped and took a look. 

After the tour we were given a certificate that will allow us to go on the advanced tours, so I think we might have to book another one in the near future.

But seriously…I looked like a total dork!


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